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Return Policy As OF May 23, 2019

Beer Wholesalers are licensed by the Federal Government as well as the PA State LCB and thereby must ad he re to all law s pertaining to sales on consignment with privilege to return. With this in mind we have listed below the guidelines  for lawful return from customers.

Federal Statues FAA Act 27 TTB Regulations

It is unlawful to sell or purchase alcoholic beverages.

  • On Consignment
  • With Privilege of Return
  • Conditional Sales
  • Any Basis Other Than BonaFide Sale
Federal Statues, TTB Regulations 205 (d)

Rules for return of Malt Beverages Sections are 11.32 through 11.39. List the following “ordinary and usual commercial l reasons” for return of products and out lines the conditions and limitations for such returns.

  • Defective Products
  • Discontinued Product
  • Change In Law Preventing Sale of Product Further TTB Regulations State
  • Termination of Retailer Business
  • Shipment Error
  • Products that are merely overstocked, slow moving, or seasonal in nature do not constitute a valid reason for return

Verrastro management and sales representatives are responsible for working with their customers to insure ordering accuracy. Following is a list of validated legal reasons to return product to T. Verrastro.

  1. Breakage
    • Breakage that is identified on your order at the time of delivery will be returned and credited once approved by T. Verrastro management or sales
    • Retail breakage occurring while the retailer is stocking or moving product is not eligible for
    • Breakage caused by patrons of the retailer is not eligible for



  1. Store Resets
    • Verrastro is not permitted by Federal Law to accept any return dues to plan-a-grams resets.


  1. Out-of-Code
    • Out of Code (OOC) product may only be returned for invoice credit by your salesman with T. Verrastro management
    • Drivers may only pick up OOC product that has prior approval for pickup and is accompanied by an credit


  1. Consumer Complaints
    • If a product is returned as a result of a patron of the customer complaint, you will receive full credit up providing the returned product name and address of the consumer. We are required to contact the patron regarding the complaint and submit the product in question to the brewery for


  1. Other Return
    • Any returns for reason other than breakage, out of code, and consumer complaints will be reviewed by your T. Verrastro salesman and/or management. This is the same procedure as noted for out of code
* All credits and returns will be made at the discretion of T.Verrastro management.